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Air Conditioner Coil Protectant

Air Conditioner Coil Protectant


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Helps protect aluminum, copper & galvanized air-conditioner surfaces from formicary, galvanic and other forms of corrosive attack by acids and chemicals commonly found in indoor environments. Improves air flow through coils by allowing condensed water to quickly depart from fins. Resists bacterial and fungal growth. Disconnect power to unit before and during application. For best results, preclean surfaces to be treated with The Good Stuff Coil Cleaner. Once coil is rinsed off, apply The Good Stuff Coil Protectant freely to both sides of the coil and surrounding area. The Good Stuff Coil Protectant will displace any remaining water in coil. Apply The Good Stuff Coil Protectant thoroughly and evenly over the evaporator coil, end plates, and any adjacent metal surfaces. Although safe for most plastics and paints, you should always test a small area before doing a total treatment or large application. Allow The Good Stuff Coil Protectant to dry naturally for a few minutes, then reconnect power and return the unit to normal operation. The Good Stuff Coil Protectant may be used on indoor and outdoor coils for lasting appearance and performance of heating and air conditioning units. 15 Oz.
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