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KING Falcon Directional WiFi Antenna With Router

KING Falcon Directional WiFi Antenna With Router


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Stay connected anywhere you go with this essential package for the tech-savvy travelers. Providing a gateway between all your web-enabled devices and a local Wi-Fi source. The KING Falcon stationary automatic directional Wi-Fi antenna plus the KING WiFiMax Wi-Fi Router/Range Extender delivers the faster, more powerful connection wherever you are. No monthly service fee or contract, the KING Falcon takes advantage of the increased power and performance of a directional Wi-Fi antenna, without the traditional hassle of aiming the antenna. The KING Falcon mounts to your vehicle's roof, so you can maximize the range and performance of the KING WiFiMax. Making this the most ideal combination for RVers, truckers, campers, tailgaters, and all mobile adventurers who want to remain connected to the internet with superior performance. Say goodbye to the frustration and wasted time from a slow or spotty internet connection. It's time for an upgrade! The KING WiFiMax Wi-Fi Router / Range Extender makes it easy to route to a reliable, secure internet connection in your RV. With its 5GHz network speeds, you can surf the internet, check email, and stream your favorite content just like at home. This powerful router is the resource you need to connect and route to any wifi network you want, wherever you are. No monthly service fees, no contract and no impact on bandwidth speed. The intuitive setup process is easy to follow with the KING Wi-Fi App and in less than one minute you’ll be ready to connect and route to available Wi-Fi networks. The KING WiFiMax connects to existing wifi networks from significantly farther away and at super-fast speeds compared to other devices, and the roof-mounted KING Falcon directional antenna routes and connects to networks even further away. Here's how it works: You connect your laptop to your WiFiMax network. (You create your own Wi-Fi name and password to protect your security on public networks.) You then go to the setup page and scan for the nearby wifi network you want. With the greater power and range provided by the Falcon, the WiFiMax can see the visitor center network and offers it as a choice for you to connect. You choose the wifi network you want and the KING WiFiMax connects your RV Wi-Fi to the visitor center's internet and you are now set to surf the internet from the comfort and privacy of your coach. It's as simple as that.

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