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RV Wheel Cover - 27" - 30" 4/pk

RV Wheel Cover - 27" - 30" 4/pk


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Model 3. Fits tire size: 6.00x16, 6.50R16LT, 6.50x16, 7.00R15LT, 7.00x15, 7.00x16, 7.10x15, 7.50R15TR, 7.50R16LT, 7.50x10, 7.50x16, 7.60x15, 8.00x16.5, 8.00x17.5, 8.75x16.5, 9.00x16.5, 9.15x15, 30x9.50R15LT, 31x10.50R15LT, 31x11.50R15LT, 32x11.50R15LT, 225/70R19.5, H70x15, H78x16, J78x14, LT215/85R16, LT225/75R16, LT235/85R16, LT245/75R16, LT255/70R15, LT255/70R16, LT255/75R15, LT265/70R15, LT265/75R16, LT275/70R16, LT285/60R17, LT285/70R15, P225/75R15, P238/75R15, P275/60R17. Protects tires and wheels against sun damage and rust. Sized for a custom fit. Fast and easy slip-on fit. Folds up for easy storage. Rugged wipe-clean vinyl with a soft, non-scratch backing. Water-repellent and water-resistant.

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